DUPR 16 Summer Series - WGV Splits while Rivals come together

A DUPR 16 MLP special event - Alliances broken and new ones formed

World Golf Village (WGV) players were divided between 3 teams and were focused on determining who the best WGV player/squad was going to be. While they fought each other, the RIVALS snuck away with the Trophy!
In the tightest MLP event to date, NO team went undefeated and NO team went winless. Getting Jiggy With It beat the Rivals 3-1, Hells Kitchen SWEPT The Jigsters 4-0, but couldn't get a win in the dreambreaker* against the Poachers, while the Rivals did just enough to force a dreambreaker in the final round against the undeafeated Peach Poachers where super sub Claudine won 5 of her 6 points against the event MVP to carry her team to the top spot on the podium.

Better Partners than Rivals:

Charlott & Christian have battled against Brent & Penny to the point where they decided fighting together would make more sense. Charlott gave up her spot to Golden ticket winner Claudine Hatcher Owen so she could Coach her squad and the combination paid off with a win in the finale dreambreaker to claim victory.

The Peach Poachers:

Johnnie Shields brought in 2 first time MLP players and the MVP from the DUPR 14 Championships to create a team that waltzed undefeated into the finale. The only problem was the RIVALS were stomping peaches like River Dancers...

Hells Kitchen: The family version

Andrew Camacho brought his own version of the original WGV A team with brother-in-law Justin Rivera as a replacement for Johnnie Shields and took the Peach Poachers to a dreambreaker before surrendering to his former teammate and WGV redsident.


DUPR Rating: 16.04
Team Captain: Charlott Nagai
Team Colors: RED & BLACK
  • Brent Greenwood 4.29
  • Christian Nagai 3.9
  • Claudine Hatcher Owen 3.86
  • Penny Moran 3.99
Team Record 2-1


DUPR Rating: 15.8
Team Captain: Johnnie Shields
Team Colors: PEACH & BLACK
  • Johnnie Shields 3.9
  • Charlie Mallard 3.5
  • Rainbow Shing 4.28
  • Erika Weilage 4.12
  • CAPTAIN Johnnie Shields
Team Record 2-1


DUPR Rating: 15.62
Team CAPTAIN: Andrew Camacho Jr
Team Colors: BLACK & BLACK
  • Andrew Camacho Jr 3.92
  • Justin Rivera 3.67
  • Elisabeth Pignato 3.59
  • Shannah Dalton 4.44
Team Record 1-2

Gettin Jiggy With It

DUPR Rating: 15.58
Team Captain: CAPTAIN Pam
Team Colors: 50 shades of BLUE
  • Jignesh Shah 3.58
  • Eric Phillips 4
  • Pam Hatch 4.14
  • Zaida Rivera 3.86
  • CAPTAIN Pam 15.58
Team Record 1-2



Mixed Doubles Specialists: Johnnie Shields
and Rainbow Shing

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