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This award is given to the player who has made the largest improvement in their game over the shortest period of time.
(image for) Big Improvements come in Little Packages

Big Improvements come in Little Packages

Nobody knew how tiny Michelle really was until she got serious about improving her game and the side effect of that is shedding major pounds. With...
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(image for) Charlotte Nagai - DUPR 14 & 16 Finals qualifier

Charlotte Nagai - DUPR 14 & 16 Finals qualifier

Charlotte has stepped her game up tremendously over the past 6 months. Not only is she the ONLY player qualified for the Finals on 2 different teams,...
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(image for) Underdawg beats the Champ

Underdawg beats the Champ

Andi Godwin played to the level of these 5.0 competitors all night and proved she is worthy to be on the court with them
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(image for) Mascot

(image for) The Hincky Dinks - Winners of the first DUPR 14 event


(image for) Best Dressed

(image for) KID ROCK

(image for) Murrica

(image for) Jax pickleball poker chips

(image for) Opponents for a Day

(image for) let's be FRANK!

(image for) Star Spangled Bangers

(image for) new MLP logo

(image for) Pink Panthers

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(image for) World Golf Village HIT SQUAD

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