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Teams with cumulative MAXIMUM of a 16.3 DUPR rating
(image for) Pink Panthers

Pink Panthers

PINK PANTHERSDUPR 16 CHAMPIONS PLAYER DUPR Johnnie Shields3.69 Judah Samples3.91 Elisabeth Pignato3.3 Kaley Carmichael4.77 TEAM DUPR 15.67 ...
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(image for) The Replacements

The Replacements

The Replacements DUPR 16 Runner Ups PLAYER DUPR Marek Deamud3.46 JR Tetas4.04 Melissa Millican3.9 Sharon Hapsis3.91 TEAM DUPR 15.31 TEAM...
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(image for) Return of the Pink Panthers

Return of the Pink Panthers

After a successful trip to Tampa, the Pink Panthers had to bring 2 fill in players to the 4some to be able to compete in the first Mini League...
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(image for) Fantastic 4 - Version 3

Fantastic 4 - Version 3

The Fantastic 4 - 3rd times the Charm DUPR 16 Treaty Park #2 Winners The 2nd event held at Treaty Park in St Johns County LOWEST team DUPR to EVER...
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(image for) Fantastic 4 The Sequel

Fantastic 4 The Sequel

Fantastic 4 The Sequel Round 3 DUPR 16 Veterans Park WinnersThe 1st event held at Veterans Memorial Park in St Johns County PLAYER DUPR Frank...
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(image for) Blue Card Bangers

Blue Card Bangers

Blue Card Bangers Round 4 DUPR 16 Argyle Forest Park Winners PLAYER DUPR Christopher Knight 4.53 Vlad Dubinin 4.21 Jamie McNulty 3.96 ...
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(image for) WGV Queens & Guards

WGV Queens & Guards

The WGV squad rotated in 2 players and almost found the winning combination. Fernando and Zaida were just coming off Gold medals in 4.0 mixed 55+ at...
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(image for) WGV A Team

WGV A Team

We pity the fool that lines up across from us on the court! MLP Director Johnnie Shields made his first appearance on the courts with 2 of his former...
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(image for) WGV Jags

WGV Jags

WGV Jags DUPR 16 Round 4 Runner Ups PLAYER DUPR Johnnie Shields3.69 Gary Hartley 4.24 Tracey Holmberg 4.42 Sheryll Phillips 4.05 TEAM DUPR...
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(image for) Eagle Eyes

Eagle Eyes

These residents of the Eagle Harbor area know each other well and played like it, pushing the Pink Panthers in their trek to the podium at round 1. ...
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(image for) FCRC No Bull

FCRC No Bull

FCRC has sponsored several teams & players, but the 2nd showdown at Treaty Park pitted the former Captain of the original FCRC team against an all...
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(image for) Pig(nato)s & Blankets

Pig(nato)s & Blankets

Elisabeth Pignato took all the members of the WGV A team except for the captain (Johnnie Shields) and formed a new team with her dad in his place....
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(image for) Silverleaf Slammers

Silverleaf Slammers

Silverleaf Slammers DUPR 16 Round 2 PLAYER DUPR Barry Turnbull4.52 Frank Duenas4.36 Carla Duenas 3.52 Brittany Turnbull Laurin 3.85 TEAM...
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(image for) The Sandbaggers

The Sandbaggers

The Sandbaggers DUPR 16 Round 2 PLAYER DUPR Vlad Dubinin 4.21 Pete Robinson 3.98 Jamie McNulty 3.96 Becky Pratt 3.89 TEAM DUPR 16.04 ...
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(image for) WGV Veterans Park VIPS

WGV Veterans Park VIPS

MLP director Johnnie Shields decided to merge 2 teams that had competed in a special play-in event due to some complications at the Veterans Park...
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(image for) Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4

With one of the lowest DUPR ratings for any DUPR 16 team, the Fantastic 4 showed why DUPR ratings dont mean much! Fantastic 4 The OG Round 1 DUPR...
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(image for) The Friday Nighters

The Friday Nighters

Building around Pictona podium placers Hunter & Hanna, this team wasnt able to gel in the short amount of time they had to get to know each other. ...
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(image for) The Jesters

The Jesters

Golden Ticket Winners Square off with a chance to advance to the Finals at this special Round 3 event held at Veterans Park. Team Captains Johnnie...
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(image for) Asian Mafia aka The Lizard Kings & Queens

Asian Mafia aka The Lizard Kings & Queens

Created as a last minute fill-In for the Veterans Park Friday Night Event, this team had 4 unrated players, and was DQ'ed from moving on to the...
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(image for) FCRC Bulls

FCRC Bulls

Bringing the uniform game to the next level, the FCRC Sponsored Bulls team of Eric Steen came into this event with one goal in mind, to show the...
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(image for) Jax Drivers - a real MLP team

Jax Drivers - a real MLP team

The Jax Drivers were formed to compete in the Minor League Pickleball TAMPA Showdown Mar 2023, battling teams like the Pink Panthers and 10 others....
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(image for) The Pink Panthers TAMPA edition

The Pink Panthers TAMPA edition

formed to compete in the TAMPA SHOWDOWN, a sanctioned Minor League pickleball event, these Jax local players and Coach Johnnie Shields went...
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(image for) World Golf Village HIT SQUAD


(image for) Mascot

(image for) The Hincky Dinks - Winners of the first DUPR 14 event


(image for) Best Dressed

(image for) KID ROCK

(image for) Murrica

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(image for) Opponents for a Day

(image for) let's be FRANK!

(image for) Star Spangled Bangers

(image for) new MLP logo

(image for) Pink Panthers

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