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Teams with cumulative MAXIMUM of a 18.3 DUPR rating
(image for) 2Legit


Team DUPR: 18.25 Team Captain: Ricky Thais Team Colors: GREY BLACK Cass Hoag 5.05 Brandon Waked 3.79 Bequi Luizelli 5.07 Ethan Lee 4.34 Team...
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(image for) Cohen Academy

Cohen Academy

Cohen Academy Team DUPR: 17.87 Team Captain: Jared Cohen Team Colors: Blue and Black Jared Cohen 4.91 Ian Morrison 4.86 Chas Bradley 4.69 Theresa...
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(image for) Love Birds

Love Birds

Team DUPR: 16.22 Team Captain: Austin Hollis Team Colors: WHITE BLACK Austin Hollis 4.73 Leslee Hollis 3.6 Frank Duenas 4.38 Carla Duenas 3.51 Team...
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(image for) Reyes Pickleball Club

Reyes Pickleball Club

Team DUPR: 18.01 Team Captain: Stephen Moreno Team Colors: BLACK BLACK Stephen Moreno 4.27 Wyatt Vidamour 4.28 Lee Calhoun 4.71 Kaley Carmichael...
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(image for) One Hit Wonders

One Hit Wonders

Team DUPR: 18.03 Team Captain: Tracy Swann Team Colors: BLUE BLACK Tracy Swann 4.28 Steve Hoag 4.63 Michael Stephens 4.74 Sigrid Preissler 4.38 Team...
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(image for) Mid Court Crisis

Mid Court Crisis

TEAM DUPR: 17.71 TEAM Captain: Jana Nebrat TEAM Colors: GRAY BLACK Tracey Holmberg 4.5 Chris Knight 4.53 Jana Nebrat 4.44 Stephen Nebrat 4.24 Team...
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(image for) Cohen Academy Avengers

Cohen Academy Avengers

Team DUPR: 17.74 Team Captain: Jared Cohen Team Colors: BLUE BLACK Jared Cohen 4.91 Tobi Moreno 4.64 Lisa Diester 4.7 Charlott Nagai 3.49 Team...
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(image for) UNDERDAWG & Zak


Team DUPR: 18.04 Team Captain: Ricky Thais Team Colors: BLACK BLACK Zak Parks 5.82 Rex Thais 3.85 Andi Godwin 3.37 Florencia Rossi 5 Team Record...
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(image for) World Golf Village HIT SQUAD


(image for) Mascot

(image for) The Hincky Dinks - Winners of the first DUPR 14 event


(image for) Best Dressed

(image for) KID ROCK

(image for) Murrica

(image for) Jax pickleball poker chips

(image for) Opponents for a Day

(image for) let's be FRANK!

(image for) Star Spangled Bangers

(image for) new MLP logo

(image for) Pink Panthers

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(image for) Ancient City Terminetters

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