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Date Added: Friday 26 May, 2023
Going for the clean team look, Johnnie and Fernando not only looked good, they played good (well) and said they felt good as well going undefeated ... more info

Date Added: Friday 19 May, 2023
Team DUPR: 18.25 Team Captain: Ricky Thais Team Colors: GREY BLACK Cass Hoag 5.05 Brandon Waked 3.79 Bequi Luizelli 5.07 Ethan Lee 4.34 Team ... more info

Date Added: Friday 26 May, 2023
Ahmad El-Zarif hits a perfect ATP that Charlie Mallard can only watch and opera clap as the ball goes by. CLICK HERE to watch the action
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Date Added: Monday 15 May, 2023
Ancient City Terminetters (13.85) Captain - Pam Hatch Pam Hatch 4.22 Chris Knight 3.33 Franklin Hunt 2.97 Stacey Casarico 3.33 Team Record 1-2

Date Added: Wednesday 24 May, 2023
With one of the best names in MLP, the team had an easy victory for best dressed team, but the promoter of the event was confused by the mis matched ... more info

Date Added: Monday 22 May, 2023
Created as a last minute fill-In for the Veterans Park Friday Night Event, this team had 4 unrated players, and was DQ'ed from moving on to the ... more info

Date Added: Wednesday 31 May, 2023
Lee Calhoun won BEST DRESSED, BEST SMILE and a few other awards to collect 4 of the Jax Pickleball $5 poker chips

Date Added: Friday 26 May, 2023
Nobody knew how tiny Michelle really was until she got serious about improving her game and the side effect of that is shedding major pounds. With ... more info

Date Added: Monday 22 May, 2023
Blue Card Bangers Round 4 DUPR 16 Argyle Forest Park Winners PLAYER DUPR Christopher Knight 4.53 Vlad Dubinin 4.21 Jamie McNulty 3.96 ... more info

Date Added: Wednesday 17 May, 2023
May 11th, 2023 In the first satellite event of MLP run by 3 amazing Treaty park ladies Pam, Stacey and Michelle, the play was great, the event was a ... more info
(image for) Ancient City Terminetters


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(image for) The Hincky Dinks - Winners of the first DUPR 14 event


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